Iz trgovin z razširitvami

Scratch Addons is available in these stores.

StoreNamestiSupported browsersSistemske zahteve
Chrome Web StoreInstall for Chrome Web StoreGoogle Chrome 80+
Microsoft Edge 80+
Opera 67+
Brave 1.3+
Vivaldi 2.11+
Chromium 80+
Windows 7+
OS X / MacOS 10.11+
Chromebooks less than ~6 years old
Add-ons for FirefoxInstall for Add-ons for FirefoxMozilla Firefox 86+Windows 7+
OS X / MacOS 10.12+
Microsoft Edge Add-onsInstall for Microsoft Edge AddonsMicrosoft Edge 80+Windows 7+
OS X / MacOS 10.11+

Z izvirno kodo

About GitHub releases

The releases page contains the code and installation files for all development builds of Scratch Addons, as well as the mirror of the store builds.

Podvajanje kode

This is the recommended way to install Scratch Addons for development purposes. This assumes you have Git installed.

To download the repository, simply clone

$ git clone

To update Scratch Addons, first cd into its folder, and then run the following commands.

$ git fetch
$ git pull

This will update Scratch Addons and get it ready for code editing. Note that you will need to see the finish updating section here if you are using Google Chrome.

Prenos datoteke .zip

If you don’t have Git installed, you can try this method instead. Note that you will need to manually repeat this process every time you want to update Scratch Addons.

  1. Go to the repository and find the download code button.

    Posnetek zaslona z gumbom Download code

  2. Kliknite ga in izberite “Download ZIP”.

    Posnetek zaslona z gumbom Download ZIP

  3. Extract the archive into a folder.

Installing on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

  1. V naslovno vrstico vnesite chrome://extensions, da odprete stran za upravljanje razširitev.

  2. Kliknite stikalo Način za razvijalce, da vključite način za razvijalce. To omogoča nameščanje razširitev iz map ali datotek.

    Extension Management top bar screenshot

  3. Prikazati bi se moral gumb Naloži razpakirano. Ko ga kliknite, lahko izberete mapo.

    Posnetek zaslona z gumbom Naloži razpakirano

  4. Select the extracted folder.

  5. Razširitev bi zdaj morala biti naložena.

To finish updating (assuming you followed the updating steps here), click the Update button:

Update button screenshot

Namestitev v brskalniku Mozilla Firefox

  1. V naslovno vrstico vnesite about:debugging, da odprete stran za razhroščevanje.

  2. Click This Firefox on the left-hand menu.

    Posnetek zaslona menija na levi strani

  3. Kliknite Naloži začasen dodatek....

    Load Temporary Add-on button screenshot

  4. Select the manifest.json file inside the extracted folder.

  5. Razširitev bi zdaj morala biti naložena.

Note: Firefox temporary add-ons are actually temporary. Restarting Firefox will remove them, so if you want to use the development version of Scratch Addons all the time, it is recommended that you use a Chromium-based browser like Google Chrome.