Joining the Localization Team

Już przetłumaczyliśmy języki jak: włoski, japoński, portugalski, słoweński i hiszpański. Nie będziemy akceptować żadnych nowych tłumaczy dla tych języków.

Thanks for being interested on volunteering to translate Scratch Addons to other languages!

Scratch Addons is a non-profit open source project where volunteer web developers maintain the extension and create its addons.

Even if you haven’t ever coded a single line of JavaScript, you can still help us achieve our goal of making everyone’s experience with Scratch better!

All you need to do is know both English and another language, and spend a few minutes a week translating any new sentences Scratch Addons added during that period.

This way, anyone that speaks your language can use Scratch Addons in their native language, instead of having to understand English.

If you’re interested in helping, please follow these steps:

  • Go to our Transifex page, and click on the blue “Help Translate Scratch Addons” button.
  • Use the same username as your Scratch account. Enter your email, a new password, then Sign Up.
  • Enter your username as your name and surname - do not use your real name. Note: choose any option for “department” and “job title”, we recommend “localization” and “individual contributor”
  • On then next step, select “join an existing project”.
  • Choose the language you want to help with.

You’ll soon be accepted into the Transifex team and you’ll get email notifications when there are new strings to translate.


  • Scratch musi zawierać ten język.
  • W przeciwieństwie do Scratcha, obsługujemy tylko jeden dialekt na język (dodatki Scratch nigdy nie będą miały hiszpańskiego latynoamerykańskiego).
  • It may take a few hours/days before your request is accepted.
  • If you get accepted, you may add yourself (or be added) to the website’s credits page.
  • Sprawy prawne: Twoje tłumaczenia są licencjonowane pod taką samą licencją jak Scratch Addons (GPL v3.0)

Masz jakieś pytania?

If you have any questions about translating, feel free to open a discussion (GitHub account required) or send feedback (no account required, but make sure to specify your Scratch username).