Depuis le magasin d’extension

Srcratch Addons est disponible dans ces boutiques.

BoutiqueInstallerNavigateurs pris en chargePrérequis système
Boutique ChromeInstall for Chrome Web StoreGoogle Chrome 80+
Microsoft Edge 80+
Opera 67+
Brave 1.3+
Vivaldi 2.11+
Chromium 80+
Windows 7+
OS X / MacOS 10.11+
Chromebooks vieux d’au plus ~6 ans
Add-ons pour FirefoxInstall for Add-ons for FirefoxMozilla Firefox 86+Windows 7+
OS X / MacOS 10.12+
Microsoft Edge Add-onsInstall for Microsoft Edge AddonsMicrosoft Edge 80+Windows 7+
OS X / MacOS 10.11+

Depuis la source

About GitHub releases

The releases page contains the code and installation files for all development builds of Scratch Addons, as well as the mirror of the store builds.

Cloning the repository

Ceci est la manière recommandée d’installer Scratch Addons pour des fins de développement. Ceci est basé sur le fait que vous avez installez Git.

To download the repository, simply clone

$ git clone

To update Scratch Addons, first cd into its folder, and then run the following commands.

$ git fetch
$ git pull

This will update Scratch Addons and get it ready for code editing. Note that you will need to see the finish updating section here if you are using Google Chrome.

Downloading the zipball

If you don’t have Git installed, you can try this method instead. Note that you will need to manually repeat this process every time you want to update Scratch Addons.

  1. Go to the repository and find the download code button.

    Download code button screenshot

  2. Cliquez et selectionnez ”Télécharger le ZIP”

    Download ZIP button screenshot

  3. Extract the archive into a folder.

Installing on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

  1. Type chrome://extensions into your address bar to open the Extension Management page.

  2. Click the toggle next to Developer mode to turn on the Developer Mode. This allows you to install extensions from a folder or file.

    Extension Managment top bar screenshot

  3. You should see the Load unpacked button appear. Clicking it will allow you to select a folder to upload.

    Load unpacked button screenshot

  4. Sélectionnez le fichier extrait.

  5. L’extension devrait maintenant être chargée.

To finish updating (assuming you followed the updating steps here), click the Update button:

Update button screenshot

Installation sur Mozilla Firefox

  1. Type about:debugging into your address bar to open the debugging page.

  2. Click This Firefox on the left-hand menu.

    Left-hand menu screenshot

  3. Click Load Temporary Add-on....

    Load Temporary Add-on button screenshot

  4. Select the manifest.json file inside the extracted folder.

  5. L’extension devrait maintenant être chargée.

Note: Firefox temporary add-ons are actually temporary. Restarting Firefox will remove them, so if you want to use the development version of Scratch Addons all the time, it is recommended that you use a Chromium-based browser like Google Chrome.