Foire Aux Questions

Cette page liste toutes les questions posées fréquemment sur l’extension et le projet Scratch Addon.

Questions générales

Qu’est-ce que Scratch Addons ?

Scratch Addons est une extension de navigateur “tout-en-un” pour le site web Scratch et son éditeur de projet. Elle fournit des fonctionnalités et des thèmes (appelé addons en interne), autant pour le site Scratch que pour son éditeur de projet. La mission de Scratch Addons est de combiner toutes les extensions de Scratch, les scripts et les styles utilisateur développés par plusieurs membres de la communauté Scratch, vers un seul et même endroit facile d’accès, en laissant les utilisateurs choisir ceux à activer.

Qui a créé Scratch Addons ?

Scratch Addons is a team project led by World_Languages. You can find the list of people who have contributed to us on the Credits page. While the “Scratch Messaging” and “Developer tools” addons were initially created by griffpatch, he does not maintain the extension.

Que comprend Scratch Addons ?

Scratch Addons comprend plus de 100 addons, qui peuvent être activés ou désactivés individuellement. Certains addons peuvent aussi être configurés, et certains d’entre eux ont des préréglages, comme le mode sombre pour le thème du site web. Scratch Addons inclut aussi un popup, qui peut être utilisé pour accéder rapidement à ses messages, aux jeux cloud, ainsi qu’à la page des paramètres. Scratch Addons est traduit dans plusieurs langues, comprenant l’anglais, l’allemand, le français, l’espagnol et le japonais.

Is this the same as TurboWarp Addons?

TurboWarp has some addons from Scratch Addons which can be used on their editor without installing Scratch Addons. However, Scratch Addons also includes addons for the Scratch website and the popup display. Therefore, it is still useful to have Scratch Addons even if you only code using TurboWarp.

Prérequis système

What are the system requirements for Scratch Addons?

Scratch Addons is officially supported on the desktop versions of Google Chrome (version 80 and up), Microsoft Edge (version 80 and up), and Mozilla Firefox (version 86 and up), and should also work on other desktop browsers that are based on those browsers. Please check out this page for complete information.

Puis-je utiliser Scratch Addons sur un appareil mobile ?

For Android users: Yes, but it is not recommended. Major browsers do not allow Scratch Addons (or any other extensions) to be installed, so you need to use browsers such as Kiwi to do so. Scratch Addons’ UI is not well-tested on touchscreens or environments with small screen size, so some of the features might not work as expected.

For iOS and iPadOS users: Sadly, it is not. App Store policy does not allow browser implementations to be uploaded, which means all browsers available on that platform are just re-skinned Safari. This causes some problems (see below).

Puis-je utiliser Scratch Addons sur Safari ?

Pour le moment, non.

First, Safari extension store requires all developers to pay an annual fee to list extensions on the store. As Scratch Addons team does not have a source of income, this makes it very hard to maintain the extension. There is also a technical problem with the implementation of browser extensions in Safari which makes some of the core features to be unusable.

Puis-je utiliser Scratch Addons sur l’éditeur hors ligne ?

Scratch Addons cannot be used on the official Scratch application, including the offline editor.

As an alternative, most of the project editor addons are available on TurboWarp which has a downloadable app for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Additionally, on browsers that support Progressive Web Applications (PWA) such as Google Chrome, you can also install the TurboWarp editor as a PWA and use it without an internet connection.

Are there any incompatible programs?

Some browser extensions and userscripts may interfere with Scratch Addons. If you experience issues, you should try disabling these:

  • Scratch 3 Developer Tools: This browser extension is a copy of the Developer tools addon. You should uninstall the Developer Tools browser extension and turn on the addon instead.
  • Better3.0: This browser extension can interfere with some addons. Luckily, most of its features are also available as addons.

Sécurité et confidentialité

Scratch Addons est-il sûr ?

Yes. Scratch Addons should not have any security issues in its most recent version. Scratch Addons is an open source project, so the code has been reviewed by Scratch Addons contributors. Additionally, Chrome Web Store, Add-ons for Firefox, and Microsoft Edge Add-ons review each new version of Scratch Addons before publishing it on their stores.

Comment puis-je signaler une faille de sécurité ?

If you happen to find a security vulnerability, please contact World_Languages privately by emailing worldxlanguages (at) If you don’t get a response within 48 hours, please create an issue mentioning that you had sent an email.

You can either read our security policy or check our advisories that we have published.

Mon compte sera-t-il en sécurité lorsque j’utilise Scratch Addons ?

Yes. Features related to your Scratch account are thoroughly reviewed by Scratch Addons contributors to ensure that they will not harm your Scratch account. Scratch Addons keeps your account credentials secure, and it will not modify or delete your projects or assets without your permission. However, you may use the extension without any account-related features if you so choose.

Les addons de Scratch Addons ont également été audités par plusieurs contributeurs sur le dépôt, donc personne ne peut glisser du code malveillant sous nos yeux.

We never send any confidential or personally identifying information outside of your browser. See the extension privacy policy for more information.

Utiliser Scratch Addons

How do I enable addons?

To enable addons, first go to the settings by:

Then, find addons you’d like to enable using the sidebar or the search box. To enable an addon, click the switch on the right side of the addon tile.

Puis-je parler aux gens de Scratch Addons sur Scratch ?

You can’t, and please don’t. There is a policy that forbids mentioning browser extensions/userscripts here, and violations have resulted in Scratch Team removing posts or muting accounts. You may, however, use different methods to tell your friends about Scratch Addons.

I think Scratch Addons slows down Scratch. What can I do?

You can try disabling addons that you don’t need, especially complex features such as the variables tab, debugger, and cat blocks that watch the mouse pointer. Most addons with a performance impact will provide a warning in the extended addon information.

Some specific advices:

  • Turn off 60FPS addon. While the addon can increase the maximum speed a project can run, it does not reduce lags. To run such projects faster, use TurboWarp.
  • “Variable manager” addon should not be used while the project is running.

I cannot receive notifications. Why?

First, disable and re-enable the “Scratch Notifier” addon. This can fix some issues.

If the problem continues, then check the operating system’s notification settings. You have to allow the browser - such as Google Chrome - to send notifications.

  • Windows: Open Settings, open the “Notifications & actions” category, then find “Change notification settings for individual senders”. Read Microsoft’s help article for more detailed information.
  • macOS: Open System Preferences, then open the Notifications section. Select the browser (e.g. Google Chrome) on the left and enable notifications. Read Apple’s help article for more detailed information.

You should also make sure that “focus assist” (on Windows) or “Do Not Disturb” (on macOS) is disabled.

How do I watch recordings made with the project video recorder addon?

Due to technical limitations, videos recorded with this addon are in the WebM format. You can view .webm files using your browser (by dragging and dropping the file) or by using a media player that supports it, such as VLC Media Player.

To convert WebM files into MP4 or other formats, you can use a video conversion software that supports WebM, such as HandBrake or CloudConvert, although we recommend simply viewing these files with a browser or media player. Note that this can take a long time depending on the size of the video.

Comment activer l’addon easter egg ?

To reveal the easter egg addons, do the Konami Code (↑↑↓↓←→←→BA) with your keyboard on the settings page. After that, the easter egg addons will be shown, letting you to activate them.

Some of our easter egg addons are “Fix capitalization of Account Settings” and “Semicolon glitch”. Check out the addons tab for a complete list.


Comment puis-je contribuer à Scratch Addons ?

Premièrement, nous sommes heureux de savoir que contribuer à Scratch Addons vous intéresse !

As an open source project, we welcome any kind of contribution. You don’t need to ask in advance – everyone is welcome to contribute! You can contribute in many ways, many of which don’t require programming knowledge.

  • Contribuez du code

    Si vous êtes familier avec JavaScript, HTML, et CSS, vous pouvez contribuer en réparant les bugs, en faisant des ajustements, ou en ajoutant des fonctionnalités.

    To incorporate your changes into the main extension, you need to create a pull request. You can do so by forking the repository, creating a branch, making the necessary changes, and then locating the option to create a pull request. We will review it and most likely make some changes before it gets merged.

    You can also contribute to other aspects of the organization, such as our website. You can view all of our repositories on our GitHub organization page.

  • Suggérer une idée

    Have an idea that you think would be a good addition to Scratch Addons? Let us know!

  • Rapporter un bug

    Found a bug in one of our addons, the settings page, or anything else in our extension? Send us a bug report.

  • Traduire Scratch Addons

    If you are fluent in another language, you can help translate/localize Scratch Addons to said language. You can start by joining the localization team.

  • Écrire de la documentation

    Are you familiar with the inner workings of Scratch Addons? If so, you can write the documentation for it. The documentation is located in our website repo. Feel free to open a pull request!

  • Envoyer des commentaires

    You can send feedback on this page. Your feedback may give us a different perspective in the extension development and help us know things needed attention and fix bugs.

  • Laissez un avis sur les boutiques

    You can leave a review about Scratch Addons on the Chrome extension page, the Firefox addon page or the Microsoft Edge addon page. This is a great way to help convince others to install the extension!

  • Star our repository

    Basically, the GitHub star is similar to the Scratch star/favorite. You can do this by going to our repository and clicking the “Star” button on the top-right corner.

  • Spread the word

    You can tell anyone about Scratch Addons, including your friends, relatives, and teachers. We’re just asking you not to do this on the Scratch website.

Comment créer mon propre addon ?

Apprenez en plus sur ce sujet ici.

Qu’est-ce que je peux faire si je trouve un problème ?

Vous pouvez nous en faire part par l’un de ces moyens.

I think you missed a feature. What can I do?

If you want to suggest an addon for the extension or have some other kind of good idea, tell us with one of these methods.

Where can I discuss Scratch Addons?

You can do it on our Discussion tab or our Discord server. There, you can ask questions and engage with the Scratch Addons community.


Qu’est-ce qu’un “addon”, exactement ?

Un addon est similaire à une extension ou un script d’utilisateur, mais il utilise une API spéciale fourni par l’extension Scratch Addon. Cet API autorise l’addon à lancer des scripts sur une page Scratch (script d’utilisateur), lancer des scripts d’arrière plan(script persistant), ou d’appliquer des styles sur le site Web Scratch (style d’utilisateur).

Userscripts can use the addon.* JavaScript APIs, which allow them to obtain Scratch-related information (for example, the currently logged in user) and use extension APIs (like sending notifications).

Si tout est un addon, alors que fait Scratch Addons ?

By itself, Scratch Addons is just an addon loader. Its main tasks are to:

  • Autoriser l’utilisateur à activer, désactiver ou configurer les addons.
  • Exécuter des addons et leur fournir des API.
  • Provide useful data to addons (for example, the addon.auth API).
  • Permettre aux scripts utilisateur d’insérer ou modifier le code de Scratch sans avoir à remplacer l’ensemble des scripts de la page.
  • Fournir des moyens d’accéder et de modifier l’état de Redux.
  • Éviter aux addons d’interférer les uns avec les autres.
  • Éviter de dupliquer le travail de différents addons.


How can I add/remove myself to/from the contributors page?

If you want your name to be on the page, please read and follow the instructions of this issue.

If you don’t want your name to be on the page, please tell us by creating an issue on our contributors repository, or by other means of contact. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

J’ai plus de questions !

If you have more questions that need answers, you can create a post on our Discussion tab or send a message on our Discord server. We will answer as best we can!