We use Unicons by IconScout. See them on IconScout’s website or on Iconify. Please only use icons from this set unless you have explicit permission to use another set. When adding an icon, download it to /images/icons/iconname.svg.


Our color theme is orange #ff7b26 and white #fff. These colors make up the top bar on our webpages, as well as some other elements.

For our (default) dark theme, our main colors are #2a2a2a #222 #000.

For our light theme, our main colors are #f0f0f0 #aaa #dddddd.

There are of course many other colors we use around our pages, but these colors are most common.

This is the logo of the project.

Scratch Addons logo

On the extension, use it from the path /images/icon.svg, or /images/icon.png for full scale versions, and /images/extension-icon.svg, or /images/extension-icon.png for smaller scale versions.