Addon API

The addon.* API allows JavaScript addon code to obtain Scratch-related information (for example, get the current logged in user) and also use extension APIs (like sending notifications).

Section Pages

  • addon.self

    Allows addons to get information about themselves or the browser.

  • addon.settings

    Allows addons to change their behavior according to user-specified addon settings.

  • addon.auth

    Allows addons to get information about the current Scratch account session.

  • addon.account

    Allows addons to execute actions in the currently logged in Scratch user.


    Allows addon userscripts to get information about the tab they're currently running on.

  • addon.notifications

    Allows addons to create browser notifications. This API slightly differs from the browser.notifications API extensions can use.

  • addon.badge

    Allows addons to display a badge, a bit of text that is layered over the extension icon, frequently a number.

  • addon.popup

    Allows addon popup scripts to get information about the popup context.

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