Userstyles allows you to inject CSS on the Scratch website - useful to make the buttons you add with userscripts colorful, or to customize native Scratch element.

Wie füge ich ein Userstyle hinzu?

Make sure to refresh Scratch Addons from chrome://extensions after doing any changes to your addon.
Go to the manifest of your addon (addon.json) and add a property called "userstyles".
This property must be an array.
Each item of the array must have the following properties: "url" and "matches".
"url" must be a relative URL to a CSS file.
"matches" must be an array of URLs where you want the userstyle to be injected. You can use asterisks. Example manifest:

  "name": "Scratch Messaging",
  "description": "Provides easy reading and replying to your Scratch messages.",
  "userstyles": [
      "url": "userstyle.css",
      "matches": ["*"]
      "url": "second_userstyle.css",
      "matches": ["*", "*"]
  "tags": ["community"],
  "enabledByDefault": false

Fehlerbehebung in Userstyles

Du musst beim Ändern deines Addons Scratch Addons in chrome://extensions neu laden. Falls dein Userscript nicht funktioniert, stelle sicher, dass dein Addon aktiviert ist. Wenn du weiterhin Probleme hast, öffne ein neues Issue in diesem Repo.