Scratch Addons v1.34 is here!

DNin01 2 minutes

Welcome back! We’ve got some new changes and features to enhance your experience and make some things easier to use in this Scratch Addons update:

Use the arrow keys to adjust numbers

Tired of typing in numbers when you just want to increment something by one? “Arrow key incrementation in editor” has come to the rescue! This addon makes it possible to increase a number in a block input by pressing and decrease it with , which might sometimes be faster than typing in the number you wanted.

You can also increment by a hundreth (0.01), tenth (0.1), and ten (10), and it can be customized too!

Demonstration of using the arrow keys to fine-tune a size percentage

Give the messages badge a new coat of paint

If you’ve wanted to change the color of the messages badge for any reason, you’re in luck - we’ve added it to the list of customizable colors! It can now be changed through the “Website dark mode and customizable colors” addon.

No trade-off required for non-draggable sprites

Don’t like accidentally dragging sprites, but then miss being able to drag them when you need to? It’s time we upgraded “Non-draggable sprites in editor”, and you can now enable the ability to drag sprites while the project is paused or stopped.

Sprite that can only be dragged when stopped

A throwback to Scratch 2.0

Our new “Compact editor” addon decreases the size and width of various UI elements around the editor, ultimately making it look closer to the previous major version of Scratch, Scratch 2.0. If you still prefer that layout, this is one way you can recreate it.

Here’s what it looks like when combined with other addons:

Scratch 3.0 editor that looks like 2.0

Having a hard time seeing links? “Customizable link style” offers a setting to change the style of links to make the text bold or underlined. We made this so colorblind users can more easily tell links apart from normal text, and to provide the style option.

An underlined link

In the future, we might expand this addon with more accessibility features, too.

Count with me!

Any swift forum community member has been stopped by the rate limit of 60 seconds per post at some point, so we made a new addon, “Forum post cooldown display”, which counts down the time until you can post again.

Message borders, gone!

There’s a new setting in the “Compact messages” addon to remove the border between each message in the messages page, which looks cleaner when you shrink the padding a lot.

The Messages page without borders between each message

We hope you enjoy these new features! Until next time!

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