This page lists all of the addons that are implemented on Scratch Addons.

This page is incomplete, and we need your help to complete the images. Read more here.

2D color picker
2D color picker

Replaces saturation and brightness sliders with a 2D color picker. Hold Shift while dragging the cursor to change the values on a single axis.

Fix capitalization of Account Settings
Fix capitalization of Account Settings 🥚

Changes "Account settings" in the account menu to "Account Settings".

Better emojis
Better emojis

Replaces the cat emojis in Scratch comments with improved vector designs.

Better forum quoter
Better forum quoter

Select text in a forum post and click quote in the bottom right corner to only quote the select text.

Bitmap images copying

Allows you to actually copy a bitmap image from the paint editor, so that you can paste it in other websites or software.

Block palette category icons
Block palette category icons

Adds icons inside the colored circles that identify block categories.

Save blocks as image
Save blocks as image

Right click the editor workspace to export blocks as SVG/PNG images.

Cat blocks
Cat blocks

Brings back editor cat hat blocks from April Fools 2020.

Clone counter
Clone counter

Adds a counter in the editor which shows the total amount of clones.

Linebreaks in comments
Linebreaks in comments

Shows the linebreaks (pressing enter) in comments.

Ctrl+Click to run scripts

Only run block stacks on click if also holding the Ctrl key.

Custom scripts area zoom settings
Custom scripts area zoom settings

Adjust the minimum, maximum, speed, and start size of the zoom in the project code editor, and autohide the controls.

Dango rain on profiles (April Fools Day)
Dango rain on profiles (April Fools Day) 🥚

Users that include the word "dango" on their "About Me" will have dango emojis raining on the sides of their profile.


Adds a new "debugger" block category and a "logs" window to the editor. The "log", "warn" and "error" blocks will print the specified message into the logs window. The "breakpoint" block will pause the project when executed.

Disable auto-save

Disables the automatic saving of projects while editing.

Discuss button
Discuss button

Adds the discuss button to the navbar.

Colored context menus
Colored context menus

Makes the editor context menus colorful when right-clicking a block.

Editor sound effects

Plays sound effects when you connect or delete blocks.

Highlight currently executing blocks
Highlight currently executing blocks

Adds a blue border to the blocks that are currently running in a project.

Feature unshared projects

Allows you to choose unshared projects after clicking "change featured project" in your profile.

Fix broken SVG uploads

Fixes a bug in the Scratch editor that fails to properly upload SVG files created with some image editors, such as Affinity Designer.

Customized quotes & code blocks on forums
Customized quotes & code blocks on forums

Shows nicer code and quote blocks on the forums.

Use local timezone on forums

Converts the post dates to your time zone. Uses ScratchDB for information.

Forums image uploader
Forums image uploader

Integrates image uploading into the forums.

Infinite scrolling

Allow for scrolling on different parts of the site without having to click to "load more".

Change new sprite default position

Moves sprites to a specified x/y position when they are created.

Shared/edited dates tooltip
Shared/edited dates tooltip

Hover over a project's share date for information on when exactly it was shared and last edited.

Auto-show editor extensions

Adds music, pen, and other editor extensions automatically to the block category list.

Higher character limit in "What I'm Working On"
Higher character limit in "What I'm Working On"

Allows you to type 55 more characters in your profile's "What I'm Working On". Everyone on Scratch will see the extra characters.

Better forums post editor buttons

Changes the forums post editor UI icons from tiny 16x16 bitmaps to SVG material icons.

Filter messages on Scratch's messages page

Lets you select what types of messages to hide or show on Scratch's messages page.

Show statuses and post reactions
Show statuses and post reactions

Shows ocular statuses and reactions. Uses to obtain data.

Sprite and script count
Sprite and script count

Shows the number of sprites and scripts a project has.

Project notes tabs
Project notes tabs

Creates tabs on a project page for the "Instructions" section and the "Notes and Credits" section.

Redirect mobile forums to main forums 🥚

Redirects you from /discuss/m/ to /discuss/.

Remove curved stage border

Removes the curved border around the stage, allowing you to see the corners.

Profile statistics
Profile statistics

Shows statistics from ScratchDB on profile pages.

Semicolon glitch
Semicolon glitch 🥚

Adds the semicolon glitch back to Scratch.

Show BBCode
Show BBCode

Adds a button to the forums that shows the BBCode source of a post.

Studio manager tools
Studio manager tools

Lets you easily promote or remove anyone from your studios, as well as leaving any studio, through the "curators" tab.

Block transparency

Adjust the transparency for blocks in the editor, with separate options for orphaned blocks (those without a hat block at the top) and blocks that are being dragged.

YouTube full screen
YouTube full screen

Enables the full screen button in Scratch's YouTube video player.