All in one browser extension for Scratch

Scratch Addons is an browser extension that provides new features and themes for the Scratch website and project editor. It has a mission to collect, archive, and put into use userstyles and userscripts, developed by several members of the Scratch community.


Various features to empower your Scratch website and editor experience

Easy-to-use interface with various controls for each feature and theme

Free, open source, and maintained by many users from the Scratch community


Remember, this is just the highlights. There's more!

Scratch Messaging

Scratch Messaging

The "grandfather" of Scratch Addons. It is available when clicking the Scratch Addons icon, and provides easy reading and replying to your Scratch messages: groups messages by project, shows full comment text and context, allows direct comment replying.

Scratch Notifier

Scratch Notifier

Notifications on new Scratch messages. You can click the notification to go straight to the message (comment, project, etc.)

Developer tools

Developer tools

From the original extension. It adds a find box and new menu options to the editor: copy/paste blocks, better tidy up, go to custom block definition, and more!


Satisfied? Don't hesitate to install it now!

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...or download it from GitHub or install it from the source.